The devil's economics

Why motivations matter
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This is a topic that I know is going to cause a few backs to bristle. Maybe that's one reason I've put off writing this article, even though the idea's been swimming in my head for months. I'm about to tell you that everything you know is wrong. Don't worry, you'll get over it soon enough :)

I'm going to talk about capitalism. Let's start by defining it and breaking it down into a few fundamental principles.

Homeless Hotels

How to end homelessness, the capitalist way
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Homeless people are a big problem. They look bad. They smell bad. They talk bad. They scare us.

But really, homelessness is a problem and it's on the rise. Unemployment and underemployment contribute to foreclosures and broken leases, forcing people and whole families to live on the street. And when you're living on the street, things as simple as a toilet or a shower are just pipe dreams, nevermind the hope for a warm bed and clean clothes.

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