About the KT Boundary

Once upon a time, two eligible bachelors bought a pool table.

This was a 7 foot table with a single-piece half-inch slate deck. It had grass green felt and a laminated particle board cabinet. It took up the entire living room in their small two bedroom apartment. Like the campfires of ancient neanderthals, it was the company water cooler around which their lives found exposition. They would review the movie they just watched, discuss their ailing love lives, or deliberate on current world politics, all while the 8-ball mocked their feeble attempts to sink it.

"Women swooned, spirits soared, Gods were created, gentlemen! Not a bad way to spend an evening!"

You must keep in mind that we were pretty funny, back then. At least we thought we were. Some of our discussions were deep and profound, others were hackneyed and borderline slapstick, but they were always interesting. We tossed around the idea of recording the chats and posting them online as an audio blog, sharing our inanity with the rest of the world.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you The KT Boundary.

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