The Case for Ivan Vanko

or "If I Had a Hammer"
Tony Stark interrogates his past
This is a response to this YouTube video from Nando V Movies. If you haven't watched that video... I mean... you can if you want to. But here's a summary of his argument:
  • Iron Man 2 has too many villains
  • Removing a villain allows for better character development and story continuity
  • The only villain should be Justin Hammer
  • Ivan should be a random non-character scientist if he's named in the movie at all

On the Difference Between Writing and Story-telling

Or a brief review of young author I found at a Comic Con
Edited cover art for the Angelic Divide Trilogy

There are a lot of different skills required to write a novel. Technical facility with the language is perhaps one of the most basic (and most commonly ignored in today's age of instant digital self-publishing). Character development is another and worldbuilding is yet one more. There are myriad more, and plenty of community college writing classes dedicated to teaching them, so there is no need to describe them all here.

The Hobbit

or Deus and Bad Again: A Writer's Tale
Not the greatest fantasy epic of any time

You might think for a nerd and avid reader, I might have read J. R. R. Tolkien's "masterpieces" much earlier in life. You'd be wrong, of course, because I had other masterpieces to read and I was always more interested in science fiction (or science textbooks) and found the fantasy genre in general to be somewhat less interesting to me.

The Newsroom

And what it means to be truly great
Lost in such deep thought

I want to tell you about The Newsroom. In many ways it might be the greatest American television show ever made. But it may also just be another ordinary television drama.

Why I fell in love with Liara

And the reason why I stayed.
Liara T'Soni

Ah, Mass Effect. That heart-wrenching emotionally wrecking love-heartache relationship of a video game. I'd give you a spoiler alert, but let's be honest, the first game is almost 10 years old. So just play it already.

Ultron Planned to Fail

Because he's just not that dumb.

I just watched The Avengers: Age of Ultron last night. There were a couple of plot elements that bothered me, especially since I'm a huge computer nerd. But I finally came to a conclusion that allowed me to reconcile these questions. Oh, by the way,

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