The Case for Ivan Vanko

or "If I Had a Hammer"
Tony Stark interrogates his past
This is a response to this YouTube video from Nando V Movies. If you haven't watched that video... I mean... you can if you want to. But here's a summary of his argument:
  • Iron Man 2 has too many villains
  • Removing a villain allows for better character development and story continuity
  • The only villain should be Justin Hammer
  • Ivan should be a random non-character scientist if he's named in the movie at all

Ultron Planned to Fail

Because he's just not that dumb.

I just watched The Avengers: Age of Ultron last night. There were a couple of plot elements that bothered me, especially since I'm a huge computer nerd. But I finally came to a conclusion that allowed me to reconcile these questions. Oh, by the way,

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