The Ark of Truth

An elegant weapon, for a more civilized age.

For over a thousand generations, the Jedi Knights were the guardians of peace and justice in the Old Republic. Before the dark times. Before the Empire. Those few years of intense oppression and devastation from Imperial rule left an indelible mark on all of the races of the galaxy. Part of that mark was a galaxy of peoples united in gratitude towards the almost extinct Jedi, who brought an end to that great catastrophe of government and became a symbol for freedom and salvation.

Word spread of the Jedi Knight who defeated the Emperor. Rumor abounded that this Jedi had his origin on Tatooine. Grateful admirers journeyed to this distant world to pay respect to the birthplace of their hero. At first, only a scattered few with simple intentions of respect and gratitude made the pilgrimage. But in the ensuing decades, as the Jedi Order was being rebuilt, to these admiring pilgrims were added the sick, the lame, the desperate. Some came seeking truth, some for answers, and others - others came seeking a miracle.

Motivated by compassion and good will, a Jedi ambassador from the new Jedi Order was sent. He did what he could to help the pilgrims who came. He would teach them and guide them and heal those he could. But these acts of compassion only encouraged the religious furor quietly growing in the galaxy. Miracles did happen. The sick were healed, the lame could walk, the blind could see, and the adoration for the Jedi grew and eventually all Jedi were included in what had become a burgeoning religion. Within two centuries of Skywalker's death, this worship of the Jedi had become a major religious movement in the galaxy.

As this religion grew and adoration for the Jedi increased, the Jedi discovered the connection between the faith of this religion and their own power. Worship of the Jedi made the Jedi stronger. Lust for this power, aided by pride, led to a schism in the still fragile Jedi Order, as more than half of them broke away from the principles of peace and justice to join themselves to this new religion - not as followers, but as fraudulent gods. They soon began the systematic and violent conversion of the whole galaxy to their new religion.

Only a few centuries after the fall of the Galactic Empire, a new empire has grown and flourished. They call themselves Ori, and their religion, Origin. Some of us rejected this false religion, and we have paid dearly for it. Only a handful of us remain, hiding in caves on our home world Altera. Hated by our contemporaries and hunted by the Ori, we few are fleeing this galaxy to find a new home in a distant point of light. I have integrated this true history into the workings of this Ark, which will impress upon the mind of whoever opens it the truth of Origin - and the lie. In the wake of our exodus, and with hope that some future generation may discover it, I leave behind this - The Ark of Truth.
- Amelius



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